Unexploded Ordnance

  • localization and characterization of ordnance related anomalies using certified and proven borehole radar technology
  • reduction of the needed amount of boreholes thanks to a greater investigation radius compared to the magnetic technology that is usually applied for large scale UXO detection
  • resulting conservation and protection of existing infrastructure (buildings, streets, …) and no or only mimimized interference or interruption of ongoing traffic along railways or other traffic ways
  • estimation of dimensions and 3D position of a detected anomaly from high frequency detail investigation for the additional assessment of UXO probability
  • applicable also in anthropogenically unfluenced soils and in proximity of magnetic material (sheet piling walls, steel-enforced foundations, bridges, …
  • Borehole radar measurements along a railway track to detect UXO
  • Borehole radar mesuarements to detect UXO beneath the foundation of a bridge
  • Defused and recovered unexploded 500kg bomb that was detected via borehole radar


  • since 2012: Detection of UXO for the Deutsche Bahn in Berlin and Brandenburg using borehole radar
  • since 2010: Detection of UXO in the city area of Oranienburg, Berlin, Potsdam, ... using borehole radar
  • 2013 – 2017: Detection of UXO beneath and around flood protection dykes near Breisach (Rhine) using borehole radar